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About Yuri & Neil

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Our mission

We ensure users are the center of gravity when it comes to the digital strategies we craft to create amazing experiences for brands and their clients. We put a strong focus on boosting conversion rates and increasing success towards business objectives to reach infinity and beyond.

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How we achieve our mission

As a senior team, we use our deep digital expertise to guide your channels, teams and digital assets to work in perfect harmony to deliver incredible customer experiences.


We build this future with our clients in a long-term vision by focusing on the user journey and the relevance of the messages offered to them.


We work very closely with our clients, because we need their knowledge as much as they need ours in order to build a customer experience strategy that is truly intergalactic.

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What makes us different


We are doers armed with a passion for strategy, our solutions can be put into action immediately.


We know how to create gateways to synchronise channels and teams to perfection.


Transparency & Transmitters:
We never make our clients dependent on us. On the contrary, the more they are trained and autonomous, the longer our relationship will last.

Already onboard the rocket with us

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The pilots

Alex Courselle - Cosmic Convertor Strategist. Captain of the NZ crew.jpeg

Alexis Courselle

Cosmic Convertor Strategist & Captain of the NZ crew

Mag Shi - Nebula UX Space Traveller.jpeg

Magdalen Shi

Nebula UX Space Traveller

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Juli La.png

Juli La

Dark Matter Wayfinder

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Image 4.png

Christophe Leroy

Scalosorus Rex

Image 5.png

Clément Boccardi

Admiral of the Internets

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The crew

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yuri & neil - about background 2.png

What matters to us

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We do not want a supplier relationship: we build together with our clients by telling each other everything.

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Whether at the marketing or organisational level, strategies, concepts and ideas must be useful very quickly.

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Technical execution is only a tool to accomplish an objective, which must always serve the end customer.  

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We only work with clients we genuinely care about. Very often they look like us (or is it the other way around?).

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Why the name “Yuri & Neil”?

We very often have to resolve paradoxes: associating brand image work with performance methods, getting teams from opposite cultures to work together, merging technical skills with creative thinking. Even if finding these harmonies is very complex, it is this that makes it possible to pass at light speed.


Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong were brave but competitive pioneers. If they had been part of the same team and had joined forces, humanity would surely have already set foot on Neptune.


Yuri & Neil is the power of the association of usually opposing energies which when working together in synergy allow to go much further.


There's room on our spaceship for you too.

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