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Glassbox Usability Analytics

Capture and visualise 100% of every user interaction across your website, desktop and mobile apps to elevate your users digital experience and answer questions at the core of your business.

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Addressable challenges

Looking to empower your UX, marketing, ecommerce and product team with behavioural insights? With Glassbox AI solutions, you can address the following challenges:

  • Why are customers abandoning my checkout?

  • What is this error costing me?

  • How are new version rollouts, A/B tests and campaigns influencing user behaviour?


Optimise with

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Behaviour analytics

Get real-time behaviour tracking driven by machine learning. Detect buying intent signals or signs of struggle with built-in AI.

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In-page analytics

Analyse how customers engage with every page or screen. Measure every element of every view including fields, links and banners.


Session replays: Capture every moment from every user

Understand what happens in front of the user and behind the scenes to create happier customers today and tomorrow.

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Quantify revenue impact

Measure the value of pages and content within pages to focus monetisation efforts where they will make the most impact.

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User journey mapping: Visualise digital CX

Get powerful, intuitive visualisations of your web and mobile app customer journeys. Quickly pinpoint the best ways to improve digital customer experience.


Core out-of-the-box reports

Quickly diagnose key metrics like errors, struggles and engagement to find opportunities for user journey improvement.

Improve digital experiences to maximise conversions.

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