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Social Media Marketing

While organic reach is becoming very low, users use social networks to form their opinion of brands and establish their preferences: It’s up to your brand to take a position at the heart of their galaxy of interests.

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Our approach

We must favour quality over quantity: social networks are your showcase and a real editorial strategy must be deployed. It then becomes possible to connect these platforms in a logical way to the rest of the digital ecosystem.


Main mission

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Social strategy

We develop an action plan to emerge while preserving the quality of your messages.

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Influencer marketing

We design and organise influence operations with micro or macro influencers and native SEO strategies.

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Social content

We work with you to produce content adapted to your strategy and to the specificities of each platform.

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Social listening

We identify and study the places of exchange around your brands and themes to establish infiltration plans.

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There's room on our spaceship for you too.

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