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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Position your brand high and aim for the stars. Let’s formulate your SEO strategy to align with your overall business objectives to ensure goals are met.

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Our approach

It is from the analysis of the customer journey that an effective SEO strategy takes shape. Each target is dissected in order to methodically identify the points of contact, its content consumption habits and its preferred formats in order to maximise the reach of the messages. 


Main mission

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Multi-device technical audit

The technical optimisation of your sites is a prerequisite for positioning in search engines.

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Semantic strategy

The correct definition of the target keywords makes it possible to optimise your sites editorially and to widen the referenceable surface of these.

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Advice & support

SEO support takes on its full meaning when the advice is done as a common thread and in line with the rest of your digital strategy. 

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Measurement & control

The measurement and analysis of data are essential in the search for SEO performance because they allow prioritisation and iteration.

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There's room on our spaceship for you too.

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